Teen Make-up Lessons

Become your own make-up artist at a teen-make-up party or school event! Have fun with your friends while learning the tricks of the trade and how to apply make-up flawlessly!

Have you tried fake tan only to wake up the next morning orange and streaky? Have you experimented with glitter-eye shadow but discovered it fell all over your face? Have you cancelled a night out because your skin erupted in spots, which you couldn’t cover up?
If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then help is at hand.
Top make-up artist Zoë Clark reveals her insider secrets to help you and your friends achieve flawless make-up looks.

While your favourite celebrities have a team of professionals on hand to help them look immaculate for the camera, the average girl has to guess by trial and error what make-up works for her - until now! Zoë will come to your party or school event and teach you and your friends how to apply your make-up. This is an ideal opportunity to learn celebrity make-up looks from one of Ireland’s leading professional make-up artists. With celebrity clients such as Nadine Coyle, Cat Deeley, Amy Winehouse, Denise Van Outen, Mariah Carey, Sophie Anderton and Minnie Driver, Zoë has the expertise to teach you and your girlfriends how to look like stars!

This is an exciting, fun and informative theme for a girl’s party. Ideal for learning good make-up habits before bad ones are picked up.

Zoë is not affiliated with any make-up brand, so is able to offer you a bias-free, honest opinion on what make-up really works. She can also advise you on her tried and tested favourite products as well as the best budget make-up currently available on the market.

With her experience in the beauty industry Zoë is more than happy to answer any of your make-up and beauty queries.

For party price quotations, gift vouchers and bookings contact Zoë